This space was used as an indoor work place.

Folk crafts

Stone hand mill

The stone hand mill is a tool made of a pair of stones to grind chaffy wheat, buckwheat or other by spinning the upper runner stone above the lower stationary bed stone.

Hearth god

The Hearth god is enshrined at places where fire is used, such as the cooking stove, hearth, and kitchen.

Cooking stove

The cooking stove is an apparatus that encloses a fire for cooking grains and other foodstuffs.

Wooden frame backpack

This is a tool for backpacking a load tied to the frame. A rope for backpacking is attached to the tall wooden frame; the rope is also wound multiple times around the part of the frame that comes in contact with the back to support the load.


The mortar is a tool used for threshing and milling grains and pounding mochi or rice cakes. There are wooden and stone ones, and they can be classified as pounding, grinding or milling mortars. This is a pounding mortar.

Pestle or mallet

The pestle or mallet is used with a mortar for threshing and hulling grains.